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Laurel Chavis

Property Manager

Scope of Service Experience

Property Management –oversees all aspects of day-to-day operations of the property, including accounting, tenant relations, maintenance and repair.

  • Establish and implement (or maintain) an existing preventive maintenance schedule for all equipment and building systems that are the Owner’s responsibility to maintain
  • Initiate preventive maintenance programs and surveys for all roofs and parking lots.
  • Establish and implement housekeeping programs to upgrade common areas both interior and exterior.
  • Supervise all vendors related to maintenance and housekeeping personnel
  • Attend to the maintenance supervision of all ordinary and extraordinary repairs and alterations.
  • Analyze periodically all service contracts to determine if alternative contractors would be more cost-effective.
  • Collect all rents, other charges and miscellaneous income.
  • Review all existing leases and prepare current lease abstracts.
  • Provide monthly financial reports:
  • Collections, billings made during the month with sources of income identified;
  • Detailed expense ledger including Current Rent Roll, Tenant Sales Information, Bank Statement and Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Obtain, verify and pay real estate and personal property tax, improvement assessments, and other like charges as directed by Owner, and pay amounts due under service contracts.
  • Make all mortgage, ground lease and promissory note payments and comply with mortgage documents as directed by Owner.
  • Review real estate tax bills and assessments as directed by Owner, protest when required by Owner

Background & Experience

Laurel brings over twenty years of Executive Assistant experience to our firm, with a background in condominium and hotel administration.


  • Sullivan University, Bachelor’s Degree
  • Hospitality Management Sullivan University, Associates Degree, Science in Culinary Arts